digipharm - programme

  • Crash Course in Programming :
  • UE0c30h + optional
  • Update in Pharmaceutical Sciences 10h or Update in Maths & Stats 10h.
  • This leveling module allows students to acquire the disciplinary bases in the field of programming, plus a choice of Math & Stats or pharmaceutical sciences (biopharmacy, basic principles of pharmacodynamics, structuring of pharmaceutical R&D).
    • 30H Programming : disciplinary bases in mathematics (linear algebra) and statistics applied to programming and computing languages
    • 10H Math & Stats : Refresher course in mathematics and statistics and statistics prior to their use in machine learning and learning and AI. Matrix and matrix calculus; Log function; linear algebra; vectors; Central Limit Theorem Central Limit and Law of Large Numbers, Descriptive Statistics Probability Law; Combinatorics; Bayesian approach; linear and logistic regression.
    • 10H Pharma Sciences : biopharmaceutics and SRA, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics including drug-related toxicity, introduction to pharmaceutical R&D, concepts of precision medicine and biomarker-based medicine.
  • Programming languages and coding :
  • UE4980h
  • This modul aims to train students in algorithmic and programming in Python language in order to familiarize them with the environment (installation, Anaconda, Jupiter notebook, ...), control structures (tests, conditions, loops), management and manipulation of data and files (list, tables, data frame, ...), statistical analysis and graphical exploration of data, and finally the application of libraries: Numpy (table management), Pandas (data analysis), Matplotlib and Seaborn (graphic visualization), etc.
  • Similarly, training to programming in the R language, to familiarize students with the R environment (installation, Rmarkdown, import/export of objects ...), the management and manipulation of data (list, data frame, matrix ...), the graphical exploration of data in R (ggplot, regression line ...) and basic statistical processing in R.
  • Hands on projects in pharmaceutical sciences :
  • UE50100h
  • How to transform R or Python coding into operational tools to handle health or biomedical data. Developing hands-on experience of health, clinical and biomedical data and its analysis. Explore data quality control, techniques for evaluating performance, data visualization and tools for dealing with missing data.
  • Digital Tool in Pharmaceutical Sciences :
  • UE5160h
  • Tools, Regulatory, Economic & Ethical aspects
  • To make students aware of the legal, regulatory, economic and ethical aspects of digital tools in the pharmaceutical sciences; and examples of applications (tele-consultation, digital therapies, health applications, digital medicine tools, etc.).
  • Digital solutions in R&D :
  • UE5230h
  • Experimental & clinical applications
  • To train students in the tools developed or to be developed in the field of clinical investigation in pharmaceutical sciences integration of inter-individual variability, quantitative pharmacology, prediction of clinical outcomes, genomic analysis, tools integrated in precision medicine.
  • Digital solutions and Machine Learning :
  • UE5330h
  • This module introduces concepts from statistical machine learning (ML), providing an in-depth understanding of classical supervised and unsupervised learning models, helping students applying appropriate ML tools and techniques to solve problems on given tasks and data types.
  • In Silico Drug Design :
  • UE4160h
  • This module taken from the Master of Drug Design is dedicated to using in silico tools for developing new chemical entities with therapeutic activity.
  • Communication & Management :
  • UEC3320h
  • This module gives skills to develop critical reading of the scientific literature and communication, plus own skills to develop communication and marketing plans—as well as contingency and issue management.
  • Promotion of the digital tools developed.
  • Introduction to intellectual property and creating business value through branding and reputation management.
  • OnLine English Courses :
  • UEC3420h
  • This online course allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • Notable courses include composition studies, linguistics, and approaches to research.

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