• Entry Requirements
  • Be a graduate/successfully completed a professional training course in the health-related field or applied mathematics, including but not limited to :
    • computer science
    • mathematics
    • medicine or pharmacy
    • public health
    • software engineering
    • statistics.
  • Residents in pharmacy or medicine are welcome.
  • Be able to combine intensive classroom learning with hands-on sessions in computing.
  • Have a basic knowledge of coding/programming is useful and strongly encouraged, but not essential.
  • Ability to commit time to study complete course work, attend course and university events and modules.
  • Application Requirement
  • A CV or résumé.
    This should include your personal details with a history of your education and employment to date.
  • A personal statement explaining :
    • Why you have applied for this course.
    • How it relates to your personal or professional ambitions.
    • How your academic or professional background show you have the skills needed to work effectively at postgraduate level in coding.
  • At least one original signed academic references.
  • Academic transcripts and degree certificates.
  • Evidence of English & French languages proficiency.
  • Entry extra-testing
  • In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, a test may be required to further select the candidates.

    This test will take the form of a coding exercise to be handed in within an allotted time, in order to select only those candidates who are the most fit for programming.


Master Médicaments et produits de santé :
Parcours "Digital solutionq for pharmaceutical sciences" (digipharm)

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