Project manager

digipharm - carreers : Digital transformation project manager, pharmaceutical, biotech or cosmetics industry.

Digital transformation project manager, pharmaceutical, biotech or cosmetics industry.

Must lead a team of developers and designers to bring to market a digital interface for patients or care providers.

Digital transformation has become a necessity, yet research suggests that the vast of majority of digital transformation initiatives fail to meet expectations.

Dedicated project manager ensures the odds of success when implementing a company digital transformation, through developing a clear mental roadmap of the main challenges to be faced, and a toolbox of actionable solutions to them.

Developer in Health Sciences

digipharm - carreers : Developer in Health Sciences

Must imagine an algorithmic solution to a pharmaceutical problem (i.e., R&D, production, marketing, epidemiology, pharmacovigilance).

Must help get the right Apps to the right people (patients, medical doctor, pharmacists) at the right time.

Design of new healthcare systems, platform-based approaches to digital health, as well as integration of existing systems.

Supports the development of interoperability specifications and health standards; data modeling for research or other analysis of real-world clinical data.

R&D Pharmacometrician

digipharm Carreers : R&D Pharmacometrician

Must develop modeling & simulation tools, mainly in the field of experimental or clinical pharmacometric studies : modeling of biological phenomena, predictive tools for pharmacodynamic response, identification of relevant biomarkers, model-informed development steps for optimizing readouts.

Must develop innovative ways to collect, pool and analyze high-quality data from which one can extract actionable insights.